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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Susie Homemaker

Y'all, my domesticity yesterday was off the charts. I honestly felt like I needed to be wearing a dress & pearls when The Hubs came home from work. I actually IRONED. I know. For reals. And I made a stinking delicious meal!

I love to cook & I cook from scratch, & I try new recipes all the time. However, I had never made a roasted chicken. So basic, so classic, right? Also disgusting. Handling a raw chicken makes me nearly gag. But the result may have made it worth it!! Because this was one delicious chicken! Perfectly salted & with a slight butter flavor, crispy skin... mmmm. I guess it's called the Perfect Roast Chicken for a reason! Served with a side of our favorite roasted green beans.

I also found this Paleo, Candida-diet friendly zucchini bread muffin recipe that I wanted to try - & they were really good! It's nice to eat something bread-y! I'm sure I'll make them even when the cleanse is over.

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