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Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm Back?

Question mark... because y'all, my life is crazy! I simply don't care to live as a slave to the crazy anymore, so I'm attempting to get back to the things that I enjoy doing, so we'll see how well I do!

SO.... quick catch-up. For lots of months, coming up on a year I guess, I have had some crazy hormones. I've done a lot of research on hormones so I had an idea what was going on. I tried on my own to help my symptoms, & I was able to get some relief, but I had heard about a holistic doctor in the area & I wanted to see what he had to say.

First of all, holistic doctors are awesome! He did a lot of different tests on me, basically looking at ALL aspects of my health & the way my body was functioning. He didn't just hone in on my symptoms (which I guess is the whole reason they are "holistic," ha). In doing so, I found out that I have yeast, & a parasite in my blood. COOOOOL. haha. I would've had no idea without the live blood cell exam. He also found that my right & left brain aren't communicating that well (let's be real, I'm not surprised). & he did find that I have slight adrenal fatigue. We did some further hormone testing which confirmed my suspicions - I have low estrogen, because my adrenals cause my cortisol to basically steal from my estrogen, leaving me with high progesterone symptoms - like the first trimester of pregnancy. No one wants to feel like that, y'all.

The Hubs also went to the doctor for some testing. He doesn't have near the issues I do, what the heck?! ;) But the doctor did recommend we both do six weeks of an anti fungal, anti yeast diet. Basically, anti fun. You all know we try to eat pretty well around here (though I will say our recent lives have lent themselves to more exceptions than usual). This diet takes what we know isn't good for us out the window, as well as some fruits, pork, white rice, all corn products (so, the Hubs' homemade air popped olive oil popcorn - nooo!), alcohol, dairy (no specialty coffee - nooo!), oh & lots of other things.

I'm pretty sure I'll be running to my favorite coffee shop as soon as the six weeks are over, but I am kind of excited to do it. This season of life has somehow landed & stuck on my hips, & I could use an energy boost too. Really, this is kick-starting the next level of health for us, & providing some accountability. I'm glad we are doing it together! The Hubs has been working out hard lately, & I'm so proud, & I know this will help him reach his goals too.

SO, I'll be posting about our food adventures, as I find new recipes that we like, & healthy snacks & treats. I'll be posting on my Instagram about it as well - follow me @usealltheoils!


  1. wow! So awesome that you have holistic doctors in your area! Who would have thought you had yeast and a parasite in your blood! So glad you know and are able to fix it.. hope it makes you feel better! I bet I need to be on the "Roberts" diet too! Excited to hear more!

  2. Who did you see? I went to Dr. Kevin Amen in Bulverde for years. A believer and very balanced. Love him and his staff!