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Monday, May 18, 2015

Changes Here at Going Granola

Lately I've been somewhat forced to reevaluate this blog. Kelsy & I started it in December of 2013 & for over a year, we were pretty consistent to post three times a week, me on Monday & Wednesday, & Kelsy on Friday. Kelsy is in a place where she has had to step back from the blog. She may still post from time to time. Now I find myself in a place where sometimes it is more of a burden & it doesn't come as naturally for me to post something, because I am more focused on other things. However, I love natural health & I love having a place to share my findings & experiences with those of you who want to read about them. I am really thankful when I hear that people have made changes or used the information on this blog in pursuit of living more naturally.

I've decided to give myself more grace when it comes to how often I post. I do believe life is going to change soon for us so I believe the Lord is preparing me. So for this next season, I will post on the blog as I can & as I have something worth posting. I wanted to let you all know & I hope you will stick around! If you don't already receive the posts in your email, you can do so by checking out the "Follow Me" over there. ---->

Also, I won't be posting updates about our adoption on the blog anymore, but I am very passionate about adoption & would love to share more information with you if you have any questions! Just email me.

Now in other words...

Here is an article regarding why you don't want to use synthetic vitamins. Please don't just go to the store & grab the cheapest supplement you can find! High quality is worth paying for.

Have any of you joined Thrive Market? I'm probably going to sign up - I've heard you save a ton of money on products I already buy at Whole Foods or HEB! If you already purchase from Thrive Market, I'd love to hear what you think!

Also, I am going to make an appointment this week with a holistic doctor in our area. I'm excited to meet with a medical professional who will evaluate my true health & help me stay as healthy as possible, proactively, with natural means! He is also a chiropractor so I hope to get back into getting regular adjustments as well.

That's all for now! I pray you are experiencing Jesus in new & deeper ways. <3

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