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Monday, April 6, 2015

What We Do For Ear Infections

This past week, the oak pollen has been awful. My car is green, the ground is green, & everyone is sneezing & sniffing. Little Man has oak allergies so this time every year, his eyes puff up all red & watery & his nose runs. There are certain *things* we do to help manage his allergy symptoms, but this year has been especially rough. As a result, Saturday night after he went to bed, he started crying & saying his ear hurt. This has happened every year as a result of his allergies - ear infection.

Ear infections seem rampant these days. I don't think I even knew what they were until I was an adult, but now it seems to be the common child ailment. Little Man has had three or four (though I don't think Doodles has ever had one). I am constantly hearing about kids being on two, three, four rounds of antibiotics for ear infections that just won't go away. We know antibiotics wreck havoc on the gut & therefore the immune system, as well as causing antibiotic-resistant bacteria. I will always try my hardest to keep my kids off of antibiotics.

And, did you know a good amount of ear infections are viral & not bacterial? So those antibiotics are just doing damage. They aren't helping at all!

Which is why I'm so thankful for garlic mullein oil!!

Garlic mullein oil is garlic & mullein seeped into olive oil. Check out why this is so effective against ear infections.

You can make your own garlic mullein oil, or you can buy it - I got mine from Whole Foods.

So when Little Man started crying about his ear on Saturday night, I put a few drops of garlic mullein oil in both of his ears & let it soak in for maybe a minute before draining the excess. I also put some other *things* on a cotton ball that I stuck in his ear for about 30 minutes, & rubbed something *else* around his ear. I also prayed for healing.

That was all I had to do! His ear has been fine since. For past ear infections that were a little worse, I have applied the drops every few hours, even after his symptoms were gone.

I always keep garlic mullein oil on hand for instances like these. I am so thankful I could get rid of his ear infection quickly & from home!

(Note: Also remove all dairy from the diet when preventing or trying to kick an ear infection! Dairy produces mucus which is the last thing you want when fighting an ear infection.)

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  1. We love garlic mullein oil in our home too, my kids ask for it!!