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Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Wrap-Up, Tummy Madness, & a New Website!

Did you have a restful & fun weekend? I hope so! Friday night I made that soup I told you about, & we had a great evening with friends who are about to move (very sad, but very excited for their next adventure!). 

Saturday was dreary, but that won't keep me away from the farmers market! 

Afterward, I took the Hubs to a coffee shop in town that I recently discovered. It's so cute! Then we went to Best Buy & bought me a new laptop/tablet hybrid for my Zyto scan. I've been using my super heavy, super old laptop so I'm thankful to have something newer & much easier to transport! Saturday evening we had dinner with some friends to celebrate their daughter's birthday. Yesterday I was about to get away between church & small group to buy groceries for the week, & a new bag of coffee, which made me feel nice & productive, opposed to taking a nap like I usually do!

As for my tummy... anyone else find themselves making too many food exceptions around Easter? & somehow it has followed me into this past week too. As you all know, we try to stay gluten free, & mostly away from dairy too, but we do make exceptions because, 80/20. But - too many exceptions has left my tummy & digestive system feeling less than stellar. My protocol? Beef up the probiotic intake - supplements as well as kombucha. Drink lemon oil in my water, which promotes digestive health. I take Essentialzyme & Detoxzyme, which are Young Living supplements that contain enzymes that promote digestive health. I start saying NO! more. Emphatically, really. Slowly I'm starting to feel more normal. One day I'll learn it's maybe not worth it! (Although sometimes it is, just saying.)

And finally - after 1.5 years of a business with Young Living, I have a website! I'm really excited about it, because it has tons of information, including:

Why Use Essential Oils
Why Young Living
About Being a Member
Frequently Asked Questions

And SO much more! Go check it out!

Have a happy Monday, friends!

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