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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Washington, DC Vacation!

Last week, we flew the family up to DC to visit friends. We try to see these friends at least once a year, & have had lots of fun vacations with them! They live in DC & though we have been twice before, we hadn't taken the kids & wanted to see their new house. We had a blast! We took the boys to the Natural History Museum, the Air & Space Museum, & the Builders Museum. We ate some awesome food, visited a winery, & even got a date night with our friends the last night we were there.

Y'all, I was so glad I had my Thieves hand purifier & my Thieves spray! We rode the Metro a lot on two of the days, & you know kids aren't super careful about germs sometimes. So I was constantly spraying surfaces & applying the hand purifier. I also applied Thieves daily to all of us.

Since we were really off our routine, & I wasn't saying no to all of the delicious foods staring me down, my system went a little wacko. I forgot to take my supplements the first two days, & I wasn't drinking my oils in my water all day like I usually do. I also wasn't taking probiotics or Ningxia Red. Let's just say my digestive system seemed to take a vacation too. I started applying AromaEase to my abdomen, drinking my lemon & grapefruit oil water when I could, & taking Detoxzyme & Essentialzyme at least once a day (thankfully I had thought to pack those!). I also chugged some kombucha one morning. I felt better quickly.

So I confess that I don't try super hard to eat clean when we're on vacation. But I also feel the effects of it immediately! Now that we're back, I'm trying to detox & I do feel better now. If only the mile-long to-do list from neglecting real life for 5 days would go away! :)

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