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Monday, April 20, 2015

Homemade Coconut Milk Creamer

When Doodles was little & I realized that our family had a dairy sensitivity, I decided to cut out sources of dairy that we could do without, & limit the rest (cheese is just so good & there is no good dairy-free alternative!). So I switched to coconut milk creamer, from the store. It took some getting used to, but my tastes changed & I couldn't handle the super-sweet kind I used to use anyways. However, I really hated that it had so many additives in it.

I eventually stopped using creamer when I started being able to make good coffee at home, in my French press & now in my Chemex (no more coffee pods!). If coffee is good, I like drinking it black, but if it's gross, add some creamer please. 

I've been enjoying my black coffee for some time now, but it is very acidic & it is nice to add some creamer on occasion. So I decided I would try making my own creamer! 

I stuck a can of coconut milk (it must be full fat!) upside down in the fridge for a couple of days, then took it out, turned it over, opened it, & drained the watery part. Then I scooped out the thick cream into my mixer & started whipping. If you want to add any type of sweetener, do it at this point (everyone seems super opinionated about which sweetener you should use, if any at all, & I haven't done enough research on it [I don't bake & rarely ever use any kind of sugar] to tell you what to use). Whip & add sweetener until it is to your preference.

I put some away for my coffee, then with the remainder, I added more sweetener & some unsweetened cocoa powder to make chocolate mousse! 

I tried the creamer this morning. A little goes a long way! It is very thick so I scoop some out with a spoon & the coffee melts it away pretty fast. 

The homemade version wins again! Delicious & healthy.

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