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Monday, March 16, 2015

What I Do With My Empty EO Bottles

For some reason, it seems wrong to throw away those essential oil bottles when you can't get any more drops out. I mean, what if I decide to all of a sudden get all Pinterest-y & I happen to need a bunch of small, empty glass bottles to do my latest project & I'll just hate myself for having thrown them out!! You just never know. (I have a feeling this might be what it's like to be a hoarder... hmm.)

First of all, when you find that no more oil comes out of the bottle, it isn't fully empty! There are still a few drops left. This is what I do.

When oil stops coming out, I put the bottle in my bathroom until I get a collection of a few, maybe 4-5. Then I take the lids off as well as the orifice reducers. I get a plastic cup that I keep in my cabinet, put about 1/2 cup of Epsom salts in the bottom, then place my oil bottle upside down in the Epsom salts. This allows the oil to drain & absorb into the salts.

Tips: Buy your Epsom salts at Costco! I got two massive bags in a box, & it would help right now if I remembered how much they cost, but I don't, although I know they are much cheaper than buying them in smaller bags elsewhere! Also, when using citrus oils, make sure you keep them off your plastic cup so you can reuse the cup & so you don't pour nasty plastic cup bits into your bath!

I dump the contents of the cup into the bath & let the bottles soak a bit to really clean them out.

Previously, I had been hoarding saving my bottles in a drawer in my bathroom. Then one of my oily friends said she had put hers in a vase in her office as a conversation piece. So I stole her idea, of course! I went to Hobby Lobby (or HobLob as I have come to affectionately call it; saves two syllables & all) & bought a vase that was 50% off. I filled it with my empty bottles, then my Hubs said he thought it would look better if I removed the white lids, so I did, & I agree! Much better.

Sorry about the glare. If there's one thing I'm not, it's a photographer. & a technology pro. (& actually a lot of other things too but that's for another day.)

So there you have it! Not sure what I'll do when I fill this vase up. I imagine my drawer will get full again. :)

Here are some other ideas for reusing those empty bottles:

- Fill with 10-20 drops of oil & give away as samples to friends, or carry them in your purse, because you never know when you will need oils!
- Make your own blends, & put a roller fitment (from Young Living) on top of the bottle. Use your lemon oil to get the labels off so you can put on your own labels!
- Put a spray cap on top & make your own sprays: room freshener, bedtime spray, Monster Spray (for the littles), 4-legged-tiny-flying-critter-deterrent spray, etc.

What do you do with your empty bottles?

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