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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Latest

SO, life is busy! My brain is running slightly in survival mode. Not horribly, hmm, maybe it's more like my motivation to do anything I don't have to do is lacking? Maybe that's more like it.

Adoption non-update: We haven't heard from our agency. No birth moms have viewed our profile yet. We are doing pretty well in the waiting, most days. God has poured out grace over the waiting period & I am thankful!

Monday I woke up with an awful migraine & could barely move. If I did anything but sit straight up, it got worse. I can't tell you what I did to get rid of it. But it didn't include popping a pill, praise the LORD. Seriously, when you have a headache so bad you almost throw up, to get rid of it pretty quickly is really a blessing.

I realized recently it's been over a year since I took a pill. That is really amazing to me & I'm so thankful. I'm not against using medicine if I need it - I mean NEED it, like I might die without it - but I personally think they do more harm than good a lot of the time, so I know my body is so much healthier without taking them. I used to take OTC pain killers close to once a week due to headaches. I don't get near as many headaches now that I have a much cleaner diet, & when I do get a headache, I have *other* options. I used to take medicine when I got a sinus infection or had allergy symptoms. I used to take medicine when I got a cold, to help me sleep. No more. Other options. SO GLAD. And so stinking proud of my Hubs for going pill-less as well. On his own, he has learned what to do to help whatever symptom or sickness he has. *swoon*

It makes me really sad to hear when kids are on Miralax. It's SO common these days. Here is an article talking about the side effects of Miralax. This is not safe, despite what a lot of people hear. And yes - there are other options.

Why you should never eat tilapia. (Bummer. We love wild-caught salmon around our house, & it's pretty much the only fish we eat.)

I have witch hazel because I have used it to make homemade products, but apparently there are a lot of uses for witch hazel!

Most Americans eat an acidic diet. It's really hard on our bodies to be in an acidic state. Here is an article about alkalizing your body & the top 7 foods to help you do it.

Have a great rest of the week, friends!

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