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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Favorite BAGS!

Let me tell you about some bags I LOVE.

First of all, that gorgeous bag that I use to carry around everything I need as a cloth-diapering mom of two & as a working mom? It's a Lily Jade. When I became a mom, I was given a nice bag that I liked the look of, but it hurt my back because it was so heavy & the shoulder strap was a tough material. I decided I needed a bag that I could wear as a backpack. So for my birthday one year, I picked out a nice mommy bag that was very comfortable & practical. It has lots of pockets & thick backpack straps. I carried it around for a couple of years, & it worked but - gosh it was such a MOM BAG. I never would've chosen it if it weren't so by golly practical.

One day, I heard about Lily Jade. They had just launched with two designs, the Madeline & the Caroline, in black, brandy, & red. These are some pretty bags y'all. Like, gorgeous. And even better - the inside has a "baby bag" that has tons of pockets & compartments, as well as a diaper changing pad, & it is completely removable - so when I am heading out without my kids, I take the baby bag out, & I'm left with my gorgeous bag! AND, the Madeline can be worn as a backpack! It was a dream come true - a practical, comfortable mom bag that is PRETTY!

Last year I took my Lily Jade to Young Living Convention. It was the perfect travel bag, & I could fit my laptop in it, as well as my wallet, snacks, sweater, etc. during the week.

I've had my Lily Jade bag for over a year, & the leather has become softer, & just like a nice pair of shoes, it just gets better with time! This bag will last forever (which is a shame because they've come out with some other really beautiful designs in the past year & I'd kind of like another one!).

Now, sitting in front of my Lily Jade is my brand new Amanda Fair Designs oils bag. It is SO CUTE. I decided to give away some oils bags this month to some of my team members, & when I found these, I decided I definitely needed one too!

They are soft, thick, & have elastic sown into the inside that holds 12 oil bottles, specifically six 15ml & six 5ml, but I put all 5ml bottles in mine. She does make other products besides oil bags, & I just went to her Etsy website to tell you what she sold, but she's currently on break - so check back soon!

You can find both of these lovely companies on both Facebook & Instagram.

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