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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I had a cold, & poop pills

Y'all, my head has been through the ringer over the past several days! First, the Hubs was dealing with "seasonal issues" so I started diffusing some oils overnight to help, & as it turns out, I was dealing with it too, because a lot of junk started coming out of my face. Lovely. It took a couple days to completely clear. I started feeling better Monday morning, which was nice - until a few hours later (literally, like no more than 4 hours later) I came down with a cold. Now, in order to actually say that I did indeed have a cold, I can't tell you what I did to fight it off - well, I can tell you that I took more vitamin C & cod liver oil than usual, but besides that, I can't tell you what I used or did - but this morning, less than 48 hours later, I am almost completely over this cold. And I told the Hubs Monday evening that this was one of the worst colds I have had in years. I was so insanely congested. Yesterday I couldn't taste anything! (Do you know how depressing that is?) So, I am very thankful to be feeling so much better this morning!

I have used so much kleenex over since Friday or so, that the skin around & under my nose is red & raw (which is super attractive). I'm using almond oil mixed with *some other stuff* to heal it right up.

Here are a couple articles I read over the past week:

Here are 10 processed foods to never feed your kids. My kids don't consume these, except for Goldfish, & that being because that is what they serve at church & MDO - I'm considering sending my kids with their own snacks.

New research links depression to an allergic reaction to inflammation - this was really interesting to read. Doesn't it make sense that mental illness would be tied to overall health? Inflammation causes a lot of issues in our bodies. The Hubs & I take a supplement targeting inflammation.

I posted this link about the root of all chronic disease in my oils group, & got a few positive responses from people who suffer from autoimmune disease. We have to have a healthy gut! Research continues to reveal this.

This article about a nasty stomach bug caused by overuse of antibiotics was almost comical to me. So the overuse of antibiotics kills off all the healthy bacteria in the gut, & then causes all these serious stomach issues. The first treatment listed? Antibiotics. Mmmmmmmmmm, ooookay. That makes sense. Second treatment listed? A poop pill. Yes, a pill, filled with the poop of a healthy person.


Yes, I think I shall try to just not use antibiotics, & fill my gut with healthy bacteria, & hopefully I will never need to consume someone else's poop.

I know you're so glad I shared that.

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