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Monday, March 2, 2015

100% Pure Makeup - Follow-up Review

Remember how we talked about different makeup brands, & how I found many of them to contain yucky stuff that we don't really want on (& therefore in) our bodies? As a result, I ended up ordering some makeup from 100% Pure, & I told you about their eyeshadow & blush. I still love them! As I began to run out of my other makeup products, I decided to replace them all with 100% Pure. So let me tell you about the new four items I purchased.

Mascara: I like it! I do have to spend more time putting it on for it to look as thick as a conventional mascara, but it still goes on well & stays on. I also added a drop of lavender essential oil & a drop of cedarwood essential oil - these oils help promote healthy hair growth & I can tell that my eyelashes are longer.

Eyeshadow: This time, I went with a regular eyeshadow instead of the satin eyeshadow like I got last time. This is more of a matte color. I like them both a lot. The satin eyeshadow seems to end up in my eyelid crease, & the regular eyeshadow doesn't, but I like the shimmer of the satin more.

Lip & Cheek Tint: I decided to try out the lip & cheek tint based on the recommendation of a friend. I do like the versatility of the product, but I didn't like the slight stickiness of the tint on my cheeks. I definitely prefer the powder of a blush. So I will limit the tint to just lips, which is great because I usually just use chapstick & I love having a good, toxin-free lip tint.

Brightening Concealer: The concealer goes on well, but I'm not sure it covers my (hereditary, ain't goin' nowhere) under-eye circles as well as my other stuff, & quite frankly, that might make me go back to my old concealer. Or perhaps try another one of their options.

They also sent me samples of their coffee eye cream, hand buttercream, & lotion. All of them have wonderful, buttery consistencies, & of course I am super impressed by their ingredients.

I still need to buy their eyeliner & powder in order to have tried everything that I use on my face. But I am still very impressed with this company, & recommend them if you are looking to throw out your toxic makeup!

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