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Monday, February 16, 2015

What's in my (Other) Medicine Cabinet (Courtney)

I'm apprehensive to write this post because it reminds me of my lack of ability to recall the appropriate names of different parts of my bathroom. But the fact is, historically, we have always put medicine in the closet in our bathroom, SO I'm going to call this the medicine cabinet. I'm probably wrong but it's my blog post, so there.

The other day I was thinking about how different my medicine cabinet looks now than it did, say, 5 years ago. This thinking led me to going home & taking a picture of what's in there. To be fair, I did throw away some sinus medication that expired last May, & some pain reliever meds that expired in 2013 (I then wondered how those made it through our move last year). & as I look at these pictures, I see a few other things that need to be thrown out. But here are the two main shelves of our medicine cabinet:

We've got some bandages, Young Living supplements, carrier oil for applying essential oils & a massage oil for tired muscles, tissues & such. & a blanket draping over because clearly everything in my house is straightened & put away just so.

What is up with the bottom of this picture? That gray is not part of the shelf. Anyways, on the left we have hotel soaps & lotions because why not right? Just kidding, those are from Disney World & I don't throw them away because I LOVE DISNEY WORLD. Then we've got lots of items that are strictly for making homemade stuff (beeswax, shea butter, almond oil, etc.). I'm ready at any point to make most anything we might want to make! Baking soda for detox baths, or for gargling if you're the Hubs with a sore throat. Then lots of vitamins & supplements - most of which we used to use but don't really anymore, but they're there just in case. I probably should toss some of those.

What I love is that we have lots of things that help keep us healthy, & not meds. Now, this is where I remind you that I'm not ANTI-meds, or ANTI-doctor, etc. If I get terribly sick, take me to the doctor. But if I get a fever, virus, flu, etc... hey, I think we can deal. We have so many things around our house - most actually not pictured here - that support our body's natural defenses & keep our immune system strong. Lots of things we can go to when we get sick or any kind of less-than-stellar.

This is not a post to condemn those who have medicine cabinets full of meds. This is to encourage those who are on the same path we are, that desire to live more naturally, that it does take time but you can slowly make changes toward natural health, including in the medicine cabinet!

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