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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Musings of a Natural Nature

Life is crazy & life is not always entirely good but Life is good. I hope you know what I mean. :)

Can I tell you how much I love our farmers market? It is so much more fun to visit than the grocery store! The produce is often cheaper than organic, the eggs are better, & I love seeing people, talking with the vendors, & supporting local farmers.

About a month ago, I bought some beef broth bones from the farmers market to make my beef broth. I have been making broth for a while, but have been using bones from Whole Foods. The first batch I made with the farmers market bones - it actually gelled! You see, making broth pulls the marrow from the bones (gelatin - super good for you) & the more marrow there is, the more it gels. I've never had a batch gel, so I was super excited (& kind of grossed out but I got over it). I've made two more batches, & will make one more before tossing the bones. The subsequent batches haven't gelled, but that's okay, it's still really flavorful & super good for us.

This week, I bought some chicken back bones from another vendor. Ideally you add in chicken feet too, for really gelled broth, but they won't have any feet till late Spring.

And since it's been a while, I have some reading for you. You see, I do a lot of reading during the week & if I really like an article, I leave it up until I post it here for you. And I have way too many windows up so it's time for me to do some unloading.

6 Cancer Causers at Home You Should Get Rid Of - you'll notice a bit of a trend - y'all, if you want your house to smell nice, buy a diffuser & some therapeutic oils! Breathe in some good stuff. (And then use them to make your own deodorant, & to add to your natural shampoo.)

I really want to try to make this 3 Ingredient Paleo Naan! I love naan but it's so glutenous.

Check out these 22 Brands That You Think Are Natural But Really Aren't - if you care about living naturally, you'll want to check out this list. Companies have got this whole marketing thing figured out & they're tricky tricky!

I made this Lentil & Sausage Soup last night for dinner - it was good, & very filling!

Okay I guess I didn't have as many links up as I thought.

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