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Monday, February 23, 2015

Discovering Nature's Remedies

This past Saturday, I was able to attend the "Discovering Nature's Remedies" course put on by Young Living here in San Antonio. It was from 9-5 & featured Dr. Lindsey Elmore (YL's Director of Global Education & Health Sciences), Dr. Peter Minke (a fellow Aggie who is also on YL's Scientific Advisory Board), & Ed Dailey (an RN & patient advocate). I'd like to share some of the highlights with you. Since it is a Young Living corporate event, of course they discussed how oils & other YL products can help optimize health, but there was so much more that these professionals taught about health in general that applies to all of us.

I liked this slide - these really are great tips for being healthy, & specifically for losing weight. Dr. Minke spoke about how the typical American diet of rancid fat, salt, & empty calories leave our bodies starved for true nutrition, which is why we stay hungry. When we eat real, whole foods, with healthy fats, our body is satiated, we're not as hungry, our bodies are able to use the energy it already has, & we are more likely to be trim too (though weight is not always a good indicator of health!).

This is Dr. Minke - I liked him a lot! He has been using YL oils for 17 years. He loves the Lord, he's funny, & he does not mince words. He is very passionate about natural health, he's a genius (he got his doctorate in molecular cell biology), & he has an amazing story - he got bone cancer when he was 20, did chemo & ended up in remission, then got chemo-induced lymphoma when he was 27 (I believe), & when the doctor recommend more chemo, he walked out the door & completely changed his health, & is healthy now.

This slide was astonishing to me. I'm not sure what more it's going to take for Americans to realize that the crap (if you know me well, you know I do not use that word basically EVER unless I truly feel it is warranted, but lately it has just been the right word to describe the typical American diet) we eat is slowly killing us.

Dr. Minke is also passionate about fertility & spent a while on this topic. It's no secret that hormone issues are a big problem. I have experienced hormone imbalances - I am praying through it & trying to work through them as we speak. 

We all know a lot of people who have struggled with infertility to some degree or another. He mentioned a few reasons (out of what really is a host of possible reasons) such as toxins in the clothes we wear (laundry detergent/fabric softener in particular, specifically artificial fragrances), as well as a deficiency in one of the hormones in the pictures above. There are natural options for balancing hormones, but at least from what I hear, most OB-GYNs don't educate their patients on those options.

Dr. Elmore spent some time talking about acetaminophen, which is actually one of the most harmful drugs on the market, but also one of the most commonly used. It's scary how casually I used to take it - fortunately by the time I was a mom, I had that feeling in my gut that this wasn't good for my babies. I did still use it a few times. We don't own any now. I won't use it on myself or my kids. There are other options.

This is Dr. Lindsey Elmore - she was previously a pharmacist, & according to her, the worst pharmacist ever because she would talk to her patients about how to change their diet & lifestyle to become more healthy, & she didn't take medicine herself. When Young Living offered her a job, she said she felt like she had found her tribe, her people. 

Dr. Elmore talked about healthy eating, & showed the slide above. She herself doesn't eat much meat, & she juices a lot. 

Laurie & I, my YL sponsor, fellow business builder, & friend.

I was excited to see this book, & bought it - there are few ways I can nest! I didn't massage my first two, but I know it can be a great way to help them developmentally as well as promote bonding, so I will definitely be doing it this time around.

Obviously since I spent several hours at this class, there was much more discussed, but these were some of the highlights. I wish I could pass it all on to you! But time & the FDA limit me. ;) But as this information gets out, & people start to get tired of the status quo, I think we will continue to see change, which is exciting! 

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