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Monday, January 19, 2015

Ningxia Red Gummies!

I've told you about Ningxia Red & how we keep it stocked around here. The Hubs & I drink 1 oz. every day, & the boys drink 1 oz. every other day (with added cod liver oil), & more if we are sick. 

I saw this recipe & I had to give it a try! I have gelatin in my pantry that I need to use more often so this was a great reason to make a super healthy treat for my kids.

I bought black cherry juice, but next time will probably try tart cherries, as there are a lot of health benefits to the tart cherry. Also, .25 cups of Ningxia Red equals 2 oz (so one packet if you have those) & 1.25 packets of gelatin equals about three rounded teaspoons of gelatin. Please use a high quality gelatin! Next time I will buy Great Lakes Gelatin.

These were super easy to make, & yummy! The boys ate them up.

Note: for best consistency, keep chilled. They get a little smooshy after they've been out of the fridge for longer than about 10 minutes.

These gummies are delicious & every ingredient is super good for us (as long as a pick an organic, no sugar added, not from concentrate, juice). I will definitely make them again soon!


  1. I can't wait to make these when my NR comes in my February order! Yuummm!

  2. How long will they typically last or can keep in fridge?