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Friday, January 16, 2015

Donating Menstrual Cups To Change Lives

I am so excited about this organization I just recently discovered, Femme International.  I have previously written about the menstrual cup and how wonderful they are. My excitement over the product has hit a new high. I never even considered the good it can do in our world.

I am lucky to live in a society that promotes hygiene and health for women. We have every type of product at our reach to make life easier for us during our period. I can’t imagine what it is like for girls and women to be without basic necessities; to be stuck at home, missing an education, all in the name of womanhood. 

Girls shouldn't be limited just because of their biology.

"Various research studies have identified menstruation as one of the key barriers to girls' school attendance and attainment. In Mathare, sanitary supplies are expensive and beyond the means of most households. The cheapest package of sanitary pads in Kenya costs 65KSH, which is just less than the average daily wage of most unskilled workers. As a result, many girls will manage their menstruation with rags and newspaper, sometimes even resorting to mud and tree bark. These methods are ineffective, uncomfortable and carry a strong potential for infection and disease. It is estimated that roughly half of the girls in Kenyan slums have at one time traded sex to purchase sanitary pads." - Femme International

Femme International has created a way to educate girls on hygiene, as well as providing them with menstrual cups and reusable pads. They can attend school without worrying about accessing a bathroom throughout the day. This is such an easy, cheap and amazing way to ensure girls are given the chance to take full advantage of their education.

Please take the time to put yourself in their shoes. Look through their site. Imagine what life would be life without basic necessities. This isn’t one of those organizations where you send your money, and never really know where it goes or what it provides. You see exactly what you are giving. This is effective. 

You have many different options. Anywhere from simple $10 resuable pads, to $1000 kits for an entire classroom! 

Click HERE to donate.

Please share their site around to your friends so we can spread the word!

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