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Friday, January 9, 2015

Detoxing After The Holidays

The holidays are over and you may be feeling bloated or that your pants are fitting a bit more snug than usual. Unfortunately, even those that try their hardest may end up eating more than they planned. I know I do every year. And this year especially, I just feel gross and tired.

The best thing to help you avoid feeling sluggish, overly hungry, bloated and run down is a great detox.

Sticking to a clean diet, exercise and a good gut cleanse makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Whole Food Smoothies: Make a smoothie with your breakfast! Add organic yogurt, chia seeds, local honey, nutrient dense vegetables and fruit. Make up a combo that tastes great, but don't overdo the sugar/fruit. Limit it as much as you can.

Now some people may want to do a juice cleanse. I personally am in the camp that is anti juicing as a cleanse or meal replacement. Now, I'm not saying its bad! It's just not the best way to get those veggies and fruit. You are taking away the fiber that keeps your body running and feeling full. Smoothies will taste just as good, without missing all the necessary essentials for your digestive tract.

Sweat It Out: Take a hot bath with bentonite clay, epsom salt and essential oils. Do some hot yoga or another workout that will make you sweat like crazy. Take a steam, if that's your thing. And always, always, always, drink TONS of water!

Probiotics: This is a great way to keep your gut happy and will help it recover from the shock of the holidays. Kombucha, raw yogurt, fermented veggies, kimchi....It's easy and delicious.

NO Eating Out: Ok, I know this may be difficult, but seriously. Go a few weeks, heck months, at the very least without eating out and definitely no fast food! Hopefully I don't need to explain why this is a good thing to avoid.

Eat Well: It may be hard to get used to eating normal sized meals again. So make sure that your food is healthy, balanced and nutrient dense. Think protein, raw vegetable, quinoa. Healthy proteins will keep you fuller longer and help you avoid overeating or snacking/craving.

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