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Monday, January 26, 2015

A Day in the Life of an Oiler - Year 2

One year ago, I was part of a blogger series called “A Day in the Life of an Oiler.” About 30 bloggers wrote up the way they used oils on an average day. Since it’s been a year, I thought I’d do it again!  So here is an average day of using oils (or oily products). Do note that what we use changes from day to day depending on the circumstances.  


I wake up & immediately shower, & use some of my Young Living skin care products. I also apply Dragon Time & SclarEssence to my inner & outer ankles (the ankles correspond with the reproductive system).

I wake up early when everything is still dark & quiet so I can spend time with my God & then a bit of time checking emails & our oily team Facebook pages. But first, coffee of course! I put a drop of Thieves & a drop of peppermint in the bottom of my coffee cup & add a bit of coconut milk creamer before pouring in my coffee.

Sometimes for breakfast, maybe three times a week, I make a Balance Complete smoothie. This is a healthy protein blend that contains oils & tastes delicious!

Can’t forget my daily supplements! Sulfurzyme, BLM, Super B, & Super C are Young Living supplements that I take along with cod liver oil.

The boys wake up & take a bit of time to watch some TV while they eat breakfast. As we get ready to head out, I oil them up. I most often use Thieves or my Wellness Blend roll-on either on their feet or their spine before we leave, especially if they are going somewhere that has childcare, like church or the gym. I also use Tranquil or Valor on their forearms if I think their behavior needs a little reining in. 

I personally apply one or two of my favorite happy oils – Valor, Tranquil, ylang ylang, or Humility, on my forearms or behind my ears.

Sometimes I choose an oil because I just love the smell! Like Inspiration or Into the Future.

I make sure to add oil to my water before we leave the house – either lemon or grapefruit (in my glass water bottle, no plastic or styrofoam, as the oils will eat right through it!). We head out for the morning.

While we’re out & about, I’m feeling we’ve touched some particularly yucky things, so I put Thieves Hand Purifier on all of us. It feels smooth (way better than the alternatives) & smells great!

After lunch & nap time, I wake the boys up & they eat their snacks & I get changed to go to the gym. My gym MUSTS are Motivation behind the ears & a Ningxia Nitro with my Ningxia Red shot, with a drop of peppermint for an added kick. This is the perfect combination to clear my brain & give me what I need to work out hard! Sometimes if I need an extra boost, I’ll put En-R-Gee on my feet (it stinks) or peppermint behind my ears. I also add Citrus Fresh in my water. It’s not my favorite of the citrus oils, but I know it’s good for me so I usually use it when I go to the gym.

Sometimes the Hubs comes home a little weary & stressed from his day. We bust out the Deep Relief roll-on & apply it to his temples, then he'll take a drop of peppermint, rub it in his hands, & breathe in.

Uh oh, we’ve got someone refusing to eat their dinner & possibly even being quite loud about it. I rub a drop of Peace & Calming or lavender on their chest or feet, which not only helps make dinnertime more successful, but helps get them ready for bed too!

I choose to diffuse something in the evenings – sometimes Thieves & myrtle, sometimes lavender & Valor, it depends on my mood!

Occasionally one or both of the boys need some help getting a peaceful night’s sleep. I’ll diffuse lavender & add in another oil depending on the circumstances - something like RC, myrtle, frankincense, Thieves, etc.

I take my evening bath & want to really relax! I’ll throw in some ylang ylang, bergamot, & Peace & Calming with some Epsom salts. That really gets me ready for some good sleep!

I apply Dragon Time & SclarEssence again. I also apply Build Your Dream behind my ears. I love the smell of it & it keeps me relaxed.

We love our oils & use them all day long! Consistent use keeps our bodies functioning properly.

Want to jump on board & start using oils, or have questions? You can order your Premium Starter Kit (11 awesome oils, a diffuser, & lots of samples, plus a wholesale membership - 24% off!) by clicking this link, or you can email me!


  1. Your coffee looks kinda weak...or were you making tea?

  2. If it's not to personal I was wondering why you switched from Progessence Plus to Dragon Time and SclarEssence? I'm trying to decide which to try myself. thanks

  3. Great question Tricia! Unfortunately I can't properly answer your question on this public forum as to why I chose one at one point & then another - you can email me if you like (, & also research what both of those oils do for the body, & when you might use one instead of the other. I will say that in my opinion they do very opposite things in the body so it's important to know what's going on with you before you choose which one to try.