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Friday, December 19, 2014

Non-Granola Style Tips

Ok, so this is completely unrelated to anything granola....whoops.

I figured this was the best time to give these tips considering we all have Christmas and New Years coming up. Use these to help you get gorgeous without all the work. :)

Fast, even wing tip liner:

I'm lazy and low maintenance when it comes to getting ready. I love makeup but hate the work it takes. My favorite thing to do is a slight wing tip with liquid liner. It took me ages to get down, and even with practice, I still deal with uneven lines and each eye looking different.

I learned this quick tip and it is so fast, easy and it works.

Scotch tape.

Put it on your hand a couple times or it will stick to the delicate eye skin. Make sure both are evenly placed. Angle it a bit under the end of your eyebrow.

I prefer a fairly subtle line. I may make it more dramatic for a night out. Below is my subtle line.

On the first try, both lines were perfect and even! YAY!

(please excuse my red allergy eyes)

Curly hair in less than 5 minutes:

I HATE curling my hair. It's super fine, soft and straight. Therefore it is hard to curl and never stays curly, no matter how much product I use. Why put in 15-20 mins of work for nothing? But this tip changed things and I'll never do it any other way!

Put your dry hair in a ponytail on the top of your head. 

Part into 2-4 parts. I did 4. Curl each part.

I turned my medium barrel on high. I then curled from the base to the tips and went slow. 

I used NO product. And there really wasn't a need!

The picture below was my hair about 6 hours after I had curled it. STILL PERFECT! 

My hair looked awesome. Way better then I had ever been able to make it look. And it took less than 5 minutes!

(I was NOT driving while taking this. DO NOT drive and selfie!)

So go be lazy without ever looking lazy! :)

**********I'll be taking a break for 2 weeks! See ya after the new year!*****************

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