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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


I'm pretty sad about being so limited in blogging about oils. So here is my attempt at a completely compliant post about oils. (Crossing my fingers!)

A few ways I've been using my oils lately...

- Diffusing Christmas Spirit. It smells SO good - orange & spicy - perfect for December. I added in some White Fir oil last week. I think I'll diffuse White Fir by itself soon since we have an artificial Christmas tree.

- I used my homemade rub on my legs last night after my workout.

- I realized the other night that the oils that are in my Thieves toothpaste, & the wintergreen that I add on top, had eaten away at these plastic parts of my toothbrush. Oops! Totally wasn't thinking. Bought a new toothbrush yesterday.

- Yesterday, Doodles' teacher asked me if he wore oils. They said he smelled good & figured that's what it was. Yep I totally oil my kids up before sending them off. Thieves on the feet, Tranquil on the forearms. & both smell awesome!

- I had an *issue* on Saturday that required lots & lots of oils. Deep Relief, peppermint, lavender, Thieves, Aroma Siez, basil, copaiba. Thankfully I was able to continue on with my day without anything more than my oils. SO thankful.

- I have been doing some DIY projects in the kitchen lately & plan on some more this weekend - here is what I made last weekend. (Will post the recipe soon.)

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