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Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday (or Week) Deals!

Did you know Young Living has more than just oils? They have supplements, cleaning products, bath products, amazing skin care, food, an energy boosting shot, & more. All non-toxic & infused with oils. I use Young Living products from all the categories & listed, & I love them all! I'm so thankful for this company that is becoming a one-stop shop more & more as time goes on.

That being said, there are ways to become a wholesale member without buying the Everyday Oils Premium Starter Kit. Below are two of the awesome starter kit options - the Thieves starter kit, & the Ningxia Red starter kit.

I love all the Thieves products. The cleaner is what I use for literally everything (bathroom, kitchen, granite, stainless steel, carpet, hardwood floors, mirrors, fruit wash, etc.). The toothpaste is fantastic & my dentist said it looks like I don't even use my teeth. The hand wash & hand purifier uses Thieves oil to purify & cleanse. I use the Thieves spray for purifying surfaces when out & about (& I also use it in my throat, but I can't tell you why). 

My whole family drinks Ningxia Red. It is an antioxidant drink that supports full-body health. We love it & are very thankful for it on a daily basis, & even more thankful to have it around when we are feeling less than awesome. I really love the Nitro shots! I take one before I work out, or if I'm feeling tired & in a slump. It clears my brain better than coffee.

Both of these starter kits come with products that my family loves & recommends, & they also buy you a wholesale membership with Young Living, so you can buy whatever other products you like for 24% off retail. 

Young Living is being super generous this week & offering these kits at 10% off! This is a very uncommon opportunity!

I want to also help you buy the Premium Starter Kit with the Everyday Oils by offering 10% cash back! The PSK is already $150 for $300 worth of stuff. With the discount, it's only $135, which is a steal! All you have to do is buy the PSK & I will send you cash monies. I will also send you a 400+ page reference guide to help you use your oils.

We use our oils every single day & am so, so thankful for them!

To sign up, click this link. Note: you do not have to sign up for Essential Rewards when you sign up. Just click past that section. 

Please email me if you have any questions! This offer for 10% off, & my personal offer of 10% cash back off the PSK, lasts from Dec. 1-5, 2015.

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