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Monday, November 24, 2014

Fevers, Wheat Toxicity, Cod Liver Oil, Milk, & Farmers Market Finds

This article is fantastic - it explains why fevers really aren't bad, & why most of the time you shouldn't treat them, but if you should, it also lists how to treat a fever naturally . (Doodles got a fever  after dinner one night last week, the kind that comes on fast & made him slightly lethargic. We went through this with Little Man when he was little, including an ER run that we learned was not necessary, so - I can't tell you here what I did, but I let the fever run its course & helped his body fight the infection, & the next morning he woke up happy & fever-free.)

This is a lovely read on why wheat is toxic for everyone, not just the gluten sensitive - & it made me gag a little.

This is a great article on why you should take cod liver oil everyday. The Hubs & I take CLO capsules daily, & the boys drink it in their Ningxia Red.

We don't drink milk around here, but if you do, read about what kind of milk you should be drinking.

Also, I'm taking our own advice & starting to get into fermented foods! I just never have really eaten them much. But I know they're so good for me. I will continue to take my supplement & just try to make these a part of my regular diet. Yesterday, a friend & I went to our town's other big farmers market - it's only on Sundays so I haven't ever made it out there. But I got a few great items! I got some cucumber kimchi (fermented) & some fermented carrots that I'm excited to experiment with. I also got some raw brie (YUM) & some all-natural spray starch! (I tell ya, the things I get excited about these days... ;) ).

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