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Monday, November 10, 2014

Beauty School!

A month ago, my friend Laurie went to Young Living Beauty School in Utah. She came back with lots of information about Young Living's beauty products & knowledge about how to properly care for our skin. I mentioned briefly when you looked through my bathroom cabinet that I had never really been into "fancy" facial products. Ever. I used plain old soap on my face & makeup from the grocery store. Of course, "going granola" has made me clean up the chemicals in my products, but also, getting older (I know I'm not that old, but let's be real, I'm starting to see some lines on my face, & I'm about to not be an age that starts with a "2") has made me realize that I should probably put more thought into my skin care regimen.

SO, in the summer, I started using Young Living's ART (Age Refining Technology) kit - gentle foaming cleanser, toner, & day/night moisturizer. Then I got the Satin Mint Facial Scrub, an exfoliant, that I use once a week (it smells awesome, btw). I also use the Wolfberry Eye Cream. Past that, I haven't really known what else to do. Seemed like enough, anyways.

Last week, we had a class for our team here in town to learn about the beauty products & how to properly care for our skin. Then last night, we had a second event where everyone got to try all the products. We came in our pjs, with no makeup, to a beautiful setup - spa smells & sounds, flowers, etc. We had lots of fun! I was so thankful to have a girls' night out, laughing with my friends, & those who have become friends through this awesome common bond. Laurie also got a masseuse to come give us all 10-15 minute massages while we sat, which was just plain delightful. We also walked away with a super valuable facial serum that contains frankincense, myrrh, & rose oil - rose oil is very expensive ($244 retail for 5ml) but so good for you. What a treat! (That of course I will hoard because that's what I do when given something valuable.)

Anyways, back to the products. We used a couple different cleansers, a couple different moisturizers, refiners, etc. We got to try almost every Young Living skin care product, which was so fun! I realized that what I am missing from my skin care regimen is a deep moisturizer. When I woke up this morning, my skin felt wonderful. Super soft. I decided I'm going to add the Boswellia Wrinkle Cream to my regimen. I know, blah blah too young to worry about wrinkles blah blah. But I know my skin - I do not have good elasticity. That's going to start to show soon, if it hasn't already. So this will help increase the firmness of my skin, as well as provide the deep moisture that my skin needs.

If you live nearby & would like to attend these events, email me & let me know. I know that Laurie intends to do another one again, hopefully soon. They really do have some effective, high-quality skin care products that don't have all the chemicals that most skin care products do, but use natural, plant-based materials that are so good for our skin. I'm so thankful for that!

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