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Friday, October 10, 2014

The 5-Day Nutritive Cleanse: Update

You may or may not be interested in this post. I personally think it's worth reading. Because who doesn't like reading about people who inflict misery on themselves?


I went to the grocery store & bought sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, pistachios, apples, honeydew, & oranges to snack on. Bought some almond milk for the Hubs to take to work for his shakes (I bought him a shaker bottle last week). We also have some other nuts lying around that I know he'll like. I'm not a big nut fan, but I think the pumpkin & sunflower seeds will do. I'm somewhat concerned about being hungry at bedtime (I cannot fall asleep if I'm hungry) so I have some Slique bars (from Young Living) that are made of fruit, nuts, & honey that I plan to eat as my last snack of the day, after my dinner shake. I also bought some tea: green tea (for the mornings) & some peach oolong. We already have chamomile. Not a big tea drinker but I intend to do it during the cleanse.

I also decide to go ahead & start eating up all the leftovers in the fridge so I don't fret about things going bad. I also eat a few things because I know they'll tempt me... or because I know that I won't be eating it for a while. This means I eat some of the gluten free cake we have lying around before I dump it. sorrynotsorry. My fridge begins to look pretty empty, which it rarely is, so then I decide to throw away all the expired things in there - you know, condiments, pickles, etc. Always love throwing stuff away (minus the waste... ugh).

Day 1:

I started out the day with green tea instead of coffee. *sigh* It made my stomach hurt. I guess because there was no food in my belly. I mixed my Balance Complete with almond milk & it took me a while to drink it all - I definitely prefer adding some ice & a little fruit & blending it into a smoothie. I took some sunflower & pumpkin seeds mixed with dried berries & munched on those at Bible study. Drank water. I really wasn't too hungry. I made a smoothie with some frozen berries for lunch & that was much easier to drink. At this point, the exhaustion hit. SO. TIRED. Oh coffee, how I miss you. I laid down for 30 minutes & conked out. I ate a small apple & packed some raw cauliflower in a bag as we left the house - I ended up eating about a cup of it. Drank some kombucha. Made another smoothie with some pineapple (like 4 chunks) for dinner. The Hubs came home "hangry" so he made us some popcorn at 8. Without olive oil. Saddest popcorn ever. We went to bed early.

Overall thoughts: I really miss coffee & hope my energy level increases. I had a moment of really wanting chocolate & I'm pretty sure we're going for burgers after we get off this dang cleanse.

Day 2:

The day started off rough; I felt like a mega slug & had a headache. I had a few pieces of melon between breakfast & lunch. I had an orange after a tiny nap, then this afternoon I had one of my Slique bars (which I guess is kind of cheating since it has honey in it) before going to the gym. I ate maybe a tablespoon of my bird food - I mean seed & berry mix. Popcorn again tonight. I have started feeling better today though, in the afternoon. I have high hopes for feeling decent tomorrow. The Hubs is still hangry. He hasn't been snacking much. I will say the shakes/smoothies are pretty filling, they just don't last super long - that's what I'm used to; I eat small meals & eat snacks, so that hasn't been too much of a change for me. I just miss different flavors & variety in my meals.

Overall thoughts: I really miss coffee. & olive oil. Savory foods. I had two tiny pieces of roasted okra off Doodles' plate tonight. I love that stuff.

Just started day 3, & I'm feeling pretty good this morning. I'm bummed we can't EAT this whole weekend. I LIKE FOOD. Why did I do this again?

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