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Monday, October 20, 2014

Recipe, Green Products, & $20 voucher offer!

Happy Monday! Today is our home visit with our adoption agency's social worker - yay! After today, we will only have one more thing left on our list to check off, & it's scheduled for next Monday. Then our profile should be ready for viewing! Wee!

I remember back when I was forced to go gluten free, that I thought to myself - what on earth am I going to cook for dinner?! When I was at the grocery store yesterday, I realized that almost all of the stuff in my cart was either produce, meat, or canned foods. I was encouraged by that! So if you're trying to clean up your diet & it's hard, I promise it gets easier!

Here is a recipe that is great for the transition - filling & flavorful!

Curry Beef Rice Dutch Oven Recipe

Also read this article last week & wanted to pass it on. We've talked before about how companies are marketing their products to be green without really cleaning up the ingredients - tricky tricky!

Ingredients to Avoid when Buying Green Products

Also, I have a two $20 off vouchers for the Premium Starter Kit that I'd love to offer to anyone who wants to purchase it - this is a great, cheaper way to get started using oils! Please email me at if you want one - first two takers get them!

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