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Wednesday, October 22, 2014


If you know much about the natural health world, you know that it's not exactly popular with the government. They speak about the dangers of raw milk & make it very difficult to purchase (though government data shows raw milk is safe). Government organizations have heavy ties with Monsanto, pharmaceutical companies, & soft drink & processed foods companies. (We've spoken before about why it's so important to do your own research & be your own health advocate - it just is.) It is what it is. The natural world is used to all of this & very aware of it. It stinks, but we deal.

As of a couple of weeks ago, the FDA decided it would crack down on essential oil companies. We, as essential oil users, have received information about how we are allowed to talk about oils, & what we are not allowed to say. Unfortunately, I'm really limited on what I can say about them. I can no longer tell some of the stories I have experienced about how essential oils... "changed things for me." As a result, I have gone through & edited most of my blog posts, & removed some of the posts altogether because I don't think there is a way I can make them FDA compliant. Because the stories they tell, I'm not allowed to tell.

So, this stinks too. But I will deal, as I desire to keep myself in good standing with Young Living as they desire to keep themselves in good standing with the FDA. Please know that from this point on, anything I say about oils is carefully worded in order to be compliant. & that there will be stories I'm not telling anymore. One thing is for sure - I may not be able to talk, but these oils do! When people use them, they see. They experience. So, there's always that!

Some people have had some fun with this latest development, which is good because we need to be able to laugh about it! So, enjoy these graphics.

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  1. Those graphics made me laugh so hard! Love them! And yes, the oils do speak for themselves! :)