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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Adoption Update: How You Can Pray

We are officially done with our home study! Well, our part of it anyways - our agency still has to complete & approve it on their side. So now we are in the waiting period. Our agency will call us if they are considering showing our profile to a birth mom, & we'll give the yes or the no based on what they tell us & how we are feeling led by the Spirit, & if the birth mom picks us, we'll plan a meeting with her. When she picks us, she'll likely be within 1-2 months of delivery. SO - no timeline, no way to know what to expect from here. We shall see!

I have learned a lot in reading the books they give us, & in seeing the adoption stories of others. I am starting to realize how much our baby is going to go through. Babies need their moms - they come out of the womb searching for their mom's face & her voice. Her love, acceptance, & protection. Our baby is going to go through some extreme grief & loss. I have seen up close what this does to a newborn - when Kelsy was fostering, they received a newborn & she was absent & shut off for weeks. Kelsy had to wake her in the night to feed her. She wouldn't cry. This makes me want to run off & grab my baby & hold him/her tight & not let go for several months so our baby knows love, acceptance, & protection. It breaks my heart & I worry for our child who hasn't even been identified to me yet. Adoption comes from loss - great loss that no one should have to experience. This doesn't even include the loss that the birth mom experiences, giving up the child that has been within her for 9 months.

SO - I pray. A lot. For the birth mom, for the baby, for us. If you'd like to join us, here are some specific ways to pray:

Pray for the birth mom:
- that she has support in her decision to choose adoption
- that she allows herself to feel love for her baby
- that she would know God & His great love for her, & that He would heal her heart & give her a future that is full of life & hope

Pray for the baby:
- that GRACE would cover baby in the womb, physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually
- that baby would know quickly that we are mommy & daddy, & feel secure & safe & loved - that bonding will happen almost immediately (which would have to be a supernatural work)

Pray for us:
- that God will prepare our hearts for what He has for us - timing, possible failed placements, adjusting to three kids
- that the boys will immediately love their sibling & handle the transition very well (particularly our little Doodles)
- that the peace of Jesus would reign over our hearts & minds as we walk this completely new & unpredictable path

Thank you so much for your prayers. Really. People have done some really special things to show their support of us (from throwing garage sales & jewelry parties, to generous donations, & even an offer for breastmilk!), & we are so thankful that the Body of Christ recognizes the significance of adoption & we have been really grateful for the ways they have expressed their support. Your prayers are so valuable to us!

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