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Monday, October 13, 2014

5-Day Nutritive Cleanse: Review of Days 3-5 & Final Thoughts

Day 3:

I felt pretty good today. I snacked on my nut & fruit mix a couple times, & ate some melon in the afternoon. The Hubs still has a headache. We did indeed add olive oil to our popcorn at night & it was delicious! Probably considered a cheat but we had an at-home date night & we thought we deserved it. No regrets!

Overall thoughts: I do feel much better & am functioning as normal. I just LIKE FOOD. I don't think there's any getting past that.

Day 4:

I had a make & take class at my house & I made my peppermint brownies, as I always do, & I totally licked the brownie batter. Mmmmm chocolate. Total cheat. BUT I didn't eat a brownie! I ate some melon at some point, can't remember when, & some of my nut & fruit mix. I was so tired of the shakes by dinner tonight. So I added cocoa powder & peanut butter. Only kind of a cheat, because a tablespoon of almond butter is an acceptable snack on the cleanse. More popcorn with oil tonight. We've just given in to it. The Hubs suspects that his dairy intolerance is keeping him from really feeling good during this cleanse. Since the Balance Complete is made with whey, it could be affecting him & preventing his digestive system from acting appropriately. He is acting like he feels better today though. No mention of a headache.

Overall thoughts: My energy was good today (though I did take a fat nap, because it's Saturday & I could). I just misssss fooooddd.

Day 5:

No more shakes, pleeaasse no more shakes!! They are good, that's not the problem. I had them all the time for breakfast before the cleanse. But I neeeeeeeed food in my life again. I don't do well eating any one kind of food over & over again. Sigh. Had an orange before my breakfast shake, then at lunch I was hungry but trying to avoid the shake so I had some nut & fruit mix & some cauliflower. Finally had the shake around two. More popcorn after dinner. The Hubs & I had about 7 conversations today about quitting, or compromising, or going out with a bang (staying up until midnight then eating ice cream). But, we didn't give in.

Overall thoughts: I felt completely normal today. Not hungry, energetic, etc. Just annoyed. :)

Final Thoughts:

So, I've known a few other people to do this cleanse. I know they were miserable the first two days, they normalized, then they loved how they felt at the end & were excited to do it again in a few months. I probably won't do it again. I am glad I did it - I think it was good to realize how little food I really need. We get so used to eating so much. Also, I snacked on raw foods, which we all know are really good for us. I need to do more of that. I think the exercise in self-discipline was good for us. We hated it yet we pushed through!

I think for people who do not have dairy intolerances, & want to do a cleanse, that this is a good one. I definitely think the dairy was an issue for the Hubs, & I think it was a smaller yet still present issue for me too. Ningxia Red is so good for you - I will definitely include 6 oz/day in any future cleanses. I think the Digest + Cleanse supplements are good too. So the only thing I would change is the monotony of the shakes. I'd probably incorporate something different for lunch & dinner, a small, whole-foods based meal that still allowed my body to cleanse. Then I would likely do it for longer than 5 days too because I'd be getting more varied nutrition. As for the Hubs, he does the Daniel Fast every year, & that diet is really great for him & cleanses his body really well. I think he will stick to that, & I'll likely join him. It's basically a little more strict than how we already eat at home.

One big perk of the cleanse - weight loss! I lost about 4 pounds, & the Hubs lost about 6. Our stomachs definitely shrunk too, so we are going to try to eat less in order to keep them that way.

We have tons of Ningxia Red left, which will definitely get used this fall & winter to try to keep our immune systems strong, & we will up the dosage for anyone who gets sick. I also have supplements & Balance Complete left. I'll probably save the supplements for days that I think I need them. I'll gladly continue having shakes for breakfast every few days.

As for today, I am happily drinking my coffee & going to make some over-medium eggs for breakfast. :)

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