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Monday, September 8, 2014

Getting Away & Gluten Free

The Hubs & I got away this weekend to Granbury, Texas. What a cute little town! Did you know that according to local legend, John Wilkes Booth didn't die in a fire, but made it to Granbury under the name John St. Helen & on his deathbed, he confessed to his real identity & told his attorney that the gun he used to shoot Lincoln was under the floorboard of the hotel room he lived in for 18 months, & they did indeed find it there? The Hubs & I love learning about the history of the towns we visit so it was fun to learn about all their claims to fame. It was also so good to get away from life for a few days in order to relax & just enjoy each others' company.

As soon as we got back, I planned out our meals & headed to the grocery store to get shopping out of the way for the week. I have had conversations with several people who express the desire to go gluten free at home, & possibly dairy free as well, but they have a hard time figuring out what to cook. It's true - when we went gluten free, it was so hard for me! I figured I'd just be eating meat & vegetables. But we have found lots of great recipes that are filling & nutritious. It's really not as hard as you might think. The transition is hard, yes. But once you're used to it, it's simple.

Here's what you'll find in our kitchen this week:

Chickpea Tacos with Guacamole - I've already told you about this recipe (& how I used oils in it!) - it's good enough for a repeat!

Black Bean Soup with Rice - this is a super simple meal, but flavorful & filling too

Stuffed Bell Peppers - I haven't made these yet, but looks good!

I also have some chicken broth cooking in my slow cooker that will be perfect for soup next week.

If you have any favorite GF recipes, please share them! I'm always looking for new ones to try. & if you'd like to look up other GF recipes we've shared, check out the links to the right - "Gluten Free" or "Recipes."

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