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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Doing Something I Thought I'd Never Do Again

In my junior year of college, I remember walking up stairs to my apartment, & realizing my knee hurt. I wondered why. Over the next couple of years, the pain got worse in both of my knees. In college, I would run several miles a week (just 2 miles at a time; I was no marathoner) as my primary means of exercise. After we moved here, I can't remember running anymore. During our first year here, I went to an orthopedic surgeon, who told me I had bad cartilage, & there really wasn't anything I could do besides knee surgery. I remember times of crying over my knee pain & being so upset that it prevented me from running. I worried about having to have surgery, & the fact that this was an issue at age 22.

I got used to the pain & only thought of it when it shot through me, telling me to stop bending my leg, or whatever I was doing at the moment. I modified my workouts to do what involved much less impact. I will say it doesn't seem to have increased in intensity over the years. It was just something I lived with.

When I started using Young Living, I figured while I was attempting to improve our health with their products, I may as well try to help my knees get better too. I ended up taking two supplements - Sulfurzyme, & BLM (Bones, Ligaments, & Muscles). I have been taking them both since perhaps June. For overall health, not necessarily for my knees, I also take Ningxia Red every other day, which is super high in antioxidants & boosts overall health & vitality. At the gym, I started working out on the bike more, increasing the intensity to really work my leg muscles, which support my knees. I felt myself getting stronger & able to do more with less pain.

A couple times recently, I have given running a shot. I ran through my neighborhood pretty successfully, for probably a mile. So yesterday, I decided I'd try to make running my only workout. I set the treadmill on the hills setting (with pretty good incline) & set out - & actually ran 2 miles without stopping! It's been probably 7 years since I was able to do that, & I didn't think I ever would again! I was so happy & praising Jesus as I neared my goal. He is the source of all healing & the One from whom all blessings flow!

(I've forgotten what it's like to run! My face was so hot! & red! Sheesh.)

I will definitely continue taking those supplements & working out on the bike to stay strong. My knee pain isn't gone; like I said, I only notice it when it's sharp & demands my attention. I don't know if it will ever completely go away. However, as I get older, & more tired (motherhood, anyone?), I find myself wanting to push myself more so I can be strong & keep my body in good health as I age. So I'm very excited about this recent development!

I am also very sore today! Praising the Lord for that, too. ;)

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  1. So happy to hear this! I've had two knee surgeries (one each!) in the last 2 years and have zero cartilage in one after a PRP procedure and arthroscopy and a teeny tiny fraction of what I should have in the other. Out of all of the exercises, I miss running most, because it felt...productive! "Fun" no, but "fat burning" for sure. =) The recumbent bike is okay and while I love the elliptical, once I stopped going to the gym I lost access to it. This article? These are the words of hope. Thank you for sharing, Courtney!