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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Adoption FAQ's

Where are you adopting from?

Houston. ;) That answer always comes out of my mouth first; oops. We are doing an open domestic infant adoption. Our agency is in Houston, but our baby could technically come from anywhere - it's most likely that the birthmom will live in Houston, but there is a chance she could live somewhere else in the state.

When it came time to pick an agency, I researched San Antonio agencies but didn't feel a peace about any of the ones that fit our criteria. We have known about this agency in Houston since college, & meeting with them really confirmed us our partnership. They love Jesus & they are more than an agency, they are a ministry. We love their heart & we are so thankful to know that they will be praying through this journey right along with us.

Why open adoption? I could never do that.

God gave us a heart for open adoption when we were engaged, & now that we are in the process, I am convinced that open adoption is the best option. Yes, there are risks & sometimes it's really tough. We've all heard horror stories (& if you're talking to us, please keep those to yourself!). But in general, birthmoms really love their babies & they want what is best for them. They want to know that their baby is loved & taken care of. They have no intentions of intruding on the adoptive family. They don't come try to take their baby back.

From the ministry aspect, we could quite possibly be the only normal-functioning, Jesus-loving couple that the birthmom ever knows. We have the chance to love on her & thank her for her huge sacrifice - she not only places the baby for adoption, but she chose life for her baby from the beginning. That is worth respecting & commending.

For the baby, knowing who their birthmom is will fill a hole that no one else can fill. Our baby will need to know that he or she is loved & was not disposed of. Our baby needs to know their genetic background.

If you are interested in learning more about open adoption, or if you realize you have fears over it that you'd like to conquer, I really recommend reading Dear Birthmother by Kathleen Silber. I honestly think every American should read it. 99% would be pro-open adoption if they read it, I believe.

Are you getting a boy or a girl?

We have no preference. The birthmom chooses us based on our profile, & we will get what we get! Just like pregnancy. :)

Did you specify a race?

We did not. Honestly, we'd like to add some color to this family! I personally think it would be awesome for our family to reflect the global Body of Christ - "red & yellow, black & white." Unfortunately I'm not sure we can fit every skin tone under our roof. :) But again, we will see what God has for us.

So when do you think you'll get a baby?

There's no telling. We could technically get a baby very soon. The average wait is about 9 months. We will likely (again, no guarantees) have a couple months between being chosen & the baby being born.

We are really excited to be on this journey & to see what God has for us. The more we step into it, the more our passion grows for adoption; the more our hearts beat for the orphan & the birthmom. Adoption is so close to God's heart & I love that it is becoming more accepted & that more families in the Church are stepping up to to support it. Not all families are called to adopt, but I personally believe all families are called to support adoption, if not through doing it, through prayer, & possibly through giving. Thanks for praying along with us! We are so thankful for our friends & family, our village.

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  1. This just make smile and smile! Praying and praying for y'all!