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Friday, August 15, 2014

Mediterranean and Asian Diet (How Kelsy Eats)

When it comes to eating, I found that for myself, it helps me to have a "style". Now when I say diet, I don't mean dieting, as in restricting food to lose weight. I am meaning lifestyle eating. Don't be afraid of the word diet. While occasional cleanses and fasting is beneficial, I am very much against dieting. But I digress.

I love research. So one day I decided to research the healthiest countries/cultures. I looked at their typical diet and lifestyle. (And of course, living a low sedentary and stressful lifestyle) I saw many patterns, obviously, like eating heavy amounts of local vegetables, seafood and few processed foods/oils. From there I determined the diet I preferred and wanted to mimic. The Mediterranean and Asian diet where closest to how I ate, and the style I wanted to follow. 

Note: Both of these diets are actually great for those of us on a tight budget. I used to be afraid of adopting the lifestyle of organic/local, until I realized it's very doable with a bit of work, pre-planning, and avoiding expensive foods, like certain meats and cutting out wasteful, highly processed foods.

The Mediterranean Diet 

Greece is ranked as the No. 5 healthiest country in the world. They have an average life expectancy of 82.98. This diet is heavy in fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains/seeds, and seafood. It allows small amounts of dairy and eggs and very low amounts of red meats and sweets.

The Asian Diet

Japan is ranked the No. 2 healthiest country in the world. Their life expectancy is an average of 84.19. The diet is very similar to the Mediterranean style. Now, I edit my diet and remove what I do not prefer for myself. I do not consume vegetable oils and rarely eat noodles. I also eat only high quality sprouted whole grains only a couple times a week.

 I love the focus on green teas and rice. Now, I know rice can be a dirty word to healthy folks. Especially white rice. With a lot of research on brown vs. white, as well as its benefits and how to balance it with nutrient dense foods, I have personally found that white rice is my best option. Reasons being: how my body responds to brown vs. white and how each is digested. It is a "safe starch" and is better than wheat (for me). I also learned the "proper" way to prepare it. Plus, I figured that there is something to it if an entire culture is eating it daily, and outliving most of the world. :) It takes research and knowing how your body responses to food. Don't just go off the information you find on a blog. Know your body, know your food. 

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