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Friday, August 8, 2014

Kicking The Soda Habit

I'm usually pretty good about following the 80/20 lifestyle when it comes to food. Except for once a month where I go on an hormonal eating rampage..but I forgive myself. I know I can't deprive myself of every unhealthy thing, because I'm the type that will binge eat after a diet -- it gets ugly. I just have to find the right balance for myself.

BUT I do have a couple vices. Ones that I am trying to kick. Or at least contain to "rare" enjoyments. One of these vices is soda. (I'll cover the other ones when I'm ready to give them up..) There is just nothing better than the bubbly sweetness of a coke. Mmmm. It hasn't been an easy thing to control.

So, I have been trying to find "replacements" (boo) to help me gently wean off the coke cravings. I've done well, with only a couple break downs. Baby steps.

One of these replacements is combining carbonated water and vanilla extract. I only use my homemade extract. It's light, sweet, slightly creamy tasting and refreshing. This has been my TOP go to.

(Yes, that is a Hogs Head cup from Harry Potter World)

My next go to is obviously Kombucha. It is all around so good for you and one of my daily supplements. I make my own, but I also enjoy some store bought brands for their amazing and unique flavors. Buddha's Brew is by far my favorite. It's made in Austin and you can find it on tap at the Quarry Farmers Market. My favorite flavors of theirs is Hop'd and Mango. I also love lavender flavors from a couple other brands, just because lavender is the love of my palate. 

I also enjoy Dry Soda. Their Vanilla Bean is great! But it is expensive, and my homemade version tastes just as good. They have some other awesome flavors. It's a fun drink to try every once in awhile. 

Anyone else out there trying to kick their soda cravings? What do you drink to help curb those cravings?

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