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Friday, August 1, 2014

Homemade Foaming Hand Soap

I love my homemade foaming hand soap! It's silky, smells wonderful and gets my hands clean without using any chemicals. It also never dries my hands out, which is huge for me. I am weird about always needing my hands to feel clean. Not in an OCD way (or maybe it is?), just more in a clean freak way. So with all that washing, I need something that is gentle and effective and SAFE.

Why did I mention "safe", you say? Well, did you know that anti-bacterial products are actually bad for you?! I first saw it mentioned on the news not too long ago. Check out some helpful information on that here.


Foam Dispenser (I used old store bought ones)
Filtered Water
Liquid Castille Soap (I use Dr Bronners - Lavender)
3 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
3 drops Lavender Essential Oil (optional)

Fill dispenser with water until there is about 1 inch of room from the top.
Pour around 2 tablespoon of the liquid castille soap into the dispenser. 
Add essential oils.
Screw cap on to the dispenser.
Shake it up (not too hard, it'll create a lot of bubbles).
Then use away.

Just that easy! Enjoy!

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