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Friday, July 18, 2014

What's In My Bathroom (Kelsy Edition)

Courtney just posted on what was in her bathroom cabinet. I unfortunately do not have a medicine cabinet, so many of my daily products are lounging out on my counter. I am motivated to get a shelf above the toilet some day...some day.

Anyways, here is what would be in my medicine cabinet if I had one!

On the far right is my homemade foaming hand soap. I will post the recipe for that soon! It's seriously the best stuff.

Next is my homemade toothpaste. Another recipe I can post some time!

Behind the toothpaste is hiding my deodorant. It's Lavanilla. Not the purest stuff in the world, but it's on my "ok, not great" list. But all the 100% natural or homemade versions leave me with a painful rash. Some day, I will find a pure deodorant that works and doesn't hate my sensitive skin!

Next up are my lotions. On the bottom is homemade body butter that is THE BEST! Above that is my organic Hemp360 lotion. It smells like lavender and mint. It's also wonderful.

Then there is the Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar. I use this for many things. I use it on my face as a toner. I use it for my mud masks. I use it for teeth whitening. SO MANY THINGS!!

In the small jar is homemade SPF. My skin soaks up the sun so easily. During the summer months I get very dark, very quickly. I need this daily to protect my skin! Really, everyone should. 

Some oregano oil snuck its way into the picture. I had recently gotten a monster pimple on my body wanted to show me that I still had some youth in me. Anyways, I used this, highly diluted in oil, to pat on the pimple. Usually big zits could last a week or more on my face. I managed to knock it gone in a couple days. YAY oregano oil! (WARNING: this is a very hot oil! Don't get it annnywhere close to eyes/mouth/nose, highly dilute, don't use on sensitive face skin)

Lastly are my bath produces. Epsom salt with lavender buds, a homemade calming bath salts using EOs, and Bentonite Clay for a detox bath (and my mud mask)

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