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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's In My Bathroom Cabinet (Courtney)

Okay, The Hubs is convinced that this little cabinet next to the sink is called the medicine cabinet - is it?? I've never kept medicine in it; medicine has always been in the bathroom closet/pantry thing - oh I know it's not a pantry - this post has me so flustered for my lack of bathroom storage knowledge! Which is SO NOT THE POINT.

Moving on. (Though if you can give me the correct terms for these places I would appreciate it.)

I'm happy to see that this cabinet is finally full of products I feel confident using! Let me tell you about them.

Starting from the top left, moving to the right, then down:

Homemade Moisturizer - I just recently started using some other products but will still use this on occasion

Cotton Balls - duh

Toothpastes: my backup Thieves toothpaste, as well as my old homemade toothpaste (which needs to just be cleaned out... hmm yeah)

Sovereign Silver: Used for pink eye, & to boost the immune system, primarily

Acure's Argan Oil: moisturizer & also helps with hair frizz

Progessence Plus: I shall NEVER be without

Homemade leg rub: I made this with coconut oil, cypress essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, lavender essential oil, & lemon essential oil - I am trying to reduce the look of my vericose & spider veins (I saw a crazy before & after picture of someone else & am hoping for the same results!)

Coconut oil: I use this to remove my makeup

ART Day Activator: I just bought Young Living's ART skin care system, which includes these three products as well as a gentle foaming cleanser. I have never, ever used anything "fancy" on my face, or had any kind of regimen more than a simple face wash & moisturizer. But after just a few days of using YL's ART products, I can tell a difference already. I'm definitely a fan. This is the moisturizer I use in the mornings, after using the cleanser.

ART Toner: I use this in the evenings after my bath

ART Night Reconstructor: I apply this after the toner

Homemade deodorant: I wear this when I'm going to work out, or when I know I'm going to need it!

Avalon Organics deodorant spray: basically just oils & water - when I run out I'm going to make my own replacement. I wear this on days when I don't think I need my other deodorant. (& hiding behind it is an old homemade deodorant - it was a little too thick & hard to apply. Probably should clean that out too.)

YL Thieves toothpaste: I have been using natural, fluoride-free toothpaste for over a year, & this is my favorite by far (& btw, I visited the dentist about a month ago & got a glowing report about how my teeth looked like I basically never use them - no wear & tear - WHOOP!)

Do you have any natural products that you use & LOVE? Tell us about them!

1 comment:

  1. I've always called the little cabinet the medicine cabinet and the closet the linen closet. I'm sure there are various terms in various parts of the country, but that's always what I heard growing up. :)
    I have been using Clay Brite tooth paste from Zion Health for years and love it!!