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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Recipes & Reading

I didn't blog ahead of time, woke up late, & Doodles woke up early - here is the result of that. ;)

Here are a couple of our favorite meat-free meals (we eat a lot of black beans around here):

Black Beans & Rice - very simple but flavorful

Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas - I use corn tortillas & lay them flat in the dish then cover with the black bean mixture, then cover with more tortillas, then cheese (yep this one gets cheese). This makes more of a casserole which I prefer over actual enchiladas. I also use hominy instead of corn.

Here is some light (or not-so-light, depending) reading I found interesting:

Deodorant Detox/Armpit Cleanse (see what might be in your "natural" deodorant, & make your own)

Common Food Sensitivities that Trigger Skin Problems

Crest Imbeds Plastic in Our Gums (eww... Thieves toothpaste, yes please)

Women's Hormonal Balance & YL Products that Can Help

I pray you have experience God on this Wednesday!

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