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Friday, June 6, 2014

Sunscreen, Coral Reefs and Twitter

Guess what, yall! We have a Twitter. Annnnd we have no idea what we are doing at the moment. So forgive us for its current state and be patient with us as we learn how to keep our posts short (140 characters?? boo..) and hashtag and whatnot like all the cool kids. SO, if you have a Twitter, go follow us! 

Our handle is: @GoingGranolaBlg 

So anyways, summer is here and many of us are making our way to the pools or the beach. But before you slather on that sunscreen, please look at the ingredient list! Need help understanding how good or bad your sunscreen is? Look it up HERE and see how it holds up. I linked to Banana Boat Kids 50 because that is the one I see most people use.

ALSO, did you know that chemicals in conventional suncreens is damaging our oceans coral reefs? Chemicals like benzophenone-2, or BP-2 can kill coral and cause coral to bleach. Even in small doses. If you are going to the beach, USE NATURAL SUNSCREEN and protect the coral. Please :) As a bonus, you are also protecting your body.

When it comes to store bought, I love Badger. The list of ingredients is simple and I know exactly what they are. Non-nano Zinc-oxide, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Beeswax, Sunflower Vitamin E, and CO2 Extract of Organic Seabuckthorn. This stuff is amazing and it works great.  ***Below is a picture of when Badger was badly can see from the finger prints where it was NOT spread on the skin. When applied correctly, no burns! Don't be like this guy and be a lazy sunscreener at the beach.

When I am only going to be outside a couple hours at most, I just smooth on some coconut oil and lavender essential oil. Now, I have a dark complexion and tan easily and rarely burn. So while this works good for me, it probably won't for people that burn easily or haven't seen the sun in a long time. Here's a list of some natural SPFs.

Coconut Oil- SPF 4-6
Almond Oil- SPF 5
Avocado Oil- SPF 4-15
Jojoba Oil- SPF 4
Wheatgerm Oil- SPF 20
Red Raspberry Seed Oil- SPF 25-50
Carrot Seed Oil- SPF 35-40

As you can see, coconut oil alone may not work well for you like it does for me. For average needs, try mixing a carrier (like coconut, almond or avocado) with red raspberry oil or carrot seed oil. For more intense needs....probably just stick to Badger!

What natural sunscreen do you use? I'm always looking for some new ideas. 


  1. So great to know! Thanks for sharing Kelsey!

  2. I'm going to use Badger Baby on my Man Cub when he comes in a few weeks, but a friend and I are making these recipes on Wednesday for ourselves and the toddlers in our lives:

  3. We all can get burned really easily, if we aren't careful. Despite misconceptions, dark skin alone is not not a guarantee of not gettign burnt. Before long, without adequate protection in harsh sun, anyone will find themselves nursing sore skin.