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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Farmers Market Favorites

Kelsy recently told you about reasons why we should all shop at the farmers market. I love going to the farmers market! We are fairly busy on the weekends so we don’t get to go as much as I’d like, so I love to stock up when I can. Here are some of my favorites from San Antonio’s Pearl Brewery Farmers Market.

Humble House products

Humble House makes the best hummus & pesto! No exaggeration. The flavors are awesome! My favorite is the typical basil & parmesan pesto, but we have switched it up & bought other flavors too & they’re all delicious. I love to eat their hummus with sliced bell peppers & sugar snap peas.


Honestly, I’m not particular about who I buy eggs from – but I definitely always try to have eggs from locally raised, pastured chickens in my fridge. Because they’re so good. If you’ve never had eggs straight from the chicken, you don’t know what you’re missing. The yolk is much darker & creamier. (At the very least, buy eggs from pastured chickens from your health foods store – not the ones in those Styrofoam-y cartons.)

(In my fridge now are eggs from Hartman Farms. They are yummy!)

Broccoli & cauliflower & okra &…

Fresh veggies. Again, so good! I love being confident that my food was grown without pesticides.

Strawberries & blueberries & peaches &…

Fresh fruits! As Kelsy mentioned, this is actually one of the best ways to get a bargain. Organic berries are insanely expensive at the grocery store. They are much cheaper at the farmers market!

Local Coffee

Okay, this isn’t part of the farmers market, but it’s at the Pearl Brewery & it’s great coffee! I love to get a slow pour & a gluten free muffin (or if I’m feeling really indulgent, one of their homemade pop tarts, made by Bakery Lorraine) & we sit & enjoy the market atmosphere for a bit. The kids love seeing all the dogs & there are always lots of other kids running around too.

We have tasted amazing foods at our farmers market - crepes, blackberry wine, jams, lavender honey, pastries, coffee, & more. I also bought my Mother-in-Law plant at the farmers market.

I feel really good knowing that my food is the best quality I can get my hands on, & I love knowing I am supporting small farms with my money. We make it a family affair & always enjoy ourselves. I’m thankful we have such good, healthy food available! If you are in the San Antonio area, definitely check out the Pearl Brewery Farmers Market! We are fortunate enough to have a few other farmers markets around, such as the Quarry Farmers & Ranchers Market, the New Braunfels Farmers Market, & more. 

Do you visit a farmers market? Tell us why you love it!

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