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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crunchy Husbands (Or Not)

I am in several natural-minded chat groups & something that comes up often is the topic of husbands, & their reluctance to natural health. These women want to make changes in their family, whatever that change may be, & their husbands are hesitant, & sometimes completely closed off to the idea of making changes. I think there are several possible reasons, but for the sake of this conversation, it doesn't really matter what those are.

Like I've mentioned before, our family's journey toward more natural living has been going on for about 5 years. It did start with me doing some reading & researching, then led to conversations with The Hubs, & we have had many discussions about many topics where I am simply laying out everything I have discovered & basically stating my case for whatever it is we're talking about. In some ways, The Hubs had to come to his own conclusions about our health, & one of the things that helped him do that was watching documentaries like "Food Inc." & "Forks Over Knives." That helped him be on board with buying organic, grass-fed, local when we can, etc. Over the years, he has seen how much I research things, & we have frequent conversations about health in general & as it relates to our family. I am so thankful that we are unified when it comes to this topic. One of my friends recently referred to The Hubs as "normal." As in, not a hippie, not a crunchy weirdo or whatever. That made me laugh. If someone thinks I'm one of those things, I hate to burst your bubble, but The Hubs is just as crunchy as I am! (Though he may like to eat bread & cheese a little more than I do.) In fact, there are a a few things he wishes we did that I'm not just ready for yet, but I know we should, like stop using the microwave.

But it hasn't always been this way. If I had, at one time, decided to completely change the way our family did things, & approached The Hubs & said, "Hey, I'm going to start buying the more expensive version of all our meat & produce, oh & only cook with meat about once or twice a week & no more bread in the house, & can you please try this essential oil before you take a Tylenol, & when we have babies I need you to be my doula & learn how to use cloth diapers, is that cool?" ...let's just say I don't think it would have gone over very well. It's been a long journey for the both of us, & it will continue to be.

But what about those times when The Hubs was hesitant? I have a saving faith in Jesus & I am a strong believer in not usurping my husband's authority over our family. I didn't go buy organic beef when he thought it was ridiculous & a waste of money. Just like every issue in our lives - if we aren't unified, I pray & wait. I pray that God will bring our hearts to the same desires & the same conclusion. Then we can run after things together. It's natural that we won't always see things the same way. We're two different people. But I believe that God has unity for our marriage, & when we both seek Him, He will draw us together in His plan for us. It is loving & it is mutually submissive. Obviously this goes way beyond health - but it certainly includes it.

I am thankful for my crunchy husband. & I think it's pretty hot when he makes comments about Monsanto, the long list of warnings on medication commercials, or asks me what oil he needs to use. ;) If you & your husband don't see eye to eye, natural living or otherwise, just pray & trust Jesus. God will cover it.

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