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Friday, May 16, 2014

A Quick Post on Zyto Scans

I'm going to go ahead and apologize for the short post. For the past few days I have been dealing with my toddlers first stomach bug. Awful! She is not handling the recovery process very well. Writing this is actually taking my 3x as long as usual due to hearing a sad little voice calling for "Mommy.." over the monitor.

But I want to encourage our oily friends to go get their Zyto* done. And often. The first time I had mine done (fully believing Zyto is a big scam), I walked into the house feeling a bit off. I complained of my stomach aching. I had my Zyto done, and every single oil and supplement it gave me was anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and a probiotic. It told me right there, "You are sick!". I went home and it hit. I WAS sick.

Today I drug my poor daughter to my sisters house to use her new Zyto (yay!). After two days of misery, no sleep and both of us being on edge, I was very curious as to what it would say. Bethanys told her she needs a long list of anti-viral oils, an oil for intense emotions and lozanges. Now, Bethany has been hitting the terrible twos very hard the past week. So I wasn't surprised by the oil for emotions. The lozanges made me think a bit. Until I realized after 24 hours of throwing up, her throat hurts! She hadn't been eating all day. So I immediately went and got her a cold smoothie. It was the first thing she had eaten all day! SO thankful for that Zyto!

What did the Zyto say for me, you ask? One oil: En-R-Gee. It speaks for itself. I need some sleep, y'all.

***If you want to know what a Zyto scan is and how it works, click here. I'm too tired to explain it. :) Basically, it reads your body to tell you what it needs. Like for me: Stomach issues? Probiotics! PMSing? Dragton Time!

If you want to get a Zyto scan, please shoot us an email!

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