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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


A couple weekends ago, we had some gracious friends invite us over for dinner at their house. It was delicious & we all had a blast (Little Man had a mini melt-down when we told him we were leaving). While we were there, I learned that our friend had put off inviting us over because she felt she needed to buy completely organic food & she thought I would be upset that their house was cleaned with typical household cleaners instead of what I use.


This made me really sad! The Hubs & I, yes, have made choices for our family that look different than the average family. But in no way does that mean we are upset to eat your lovingly prepared, conventionally-grown food. I write this because I really want people to understand & know my heart (& I know this goes for Kelsy too). We have zero desire to make people feel bad or guilty or insert-negative-emotion-of-your-choice. We really enjoy hanging out with these friends & would never want to cause any hindrance to our friendship.

So, dear friends - please - know that relationships are more important to us. We truly value our friendships & our bond goes much deeper than what section of the store we buy our produce.

AND, don't be surprised when you see me happily grab a piece of chocolate cake or a croissant. I'm fully aware that I'll feel yucky afterwards, but sometimes a girl just wants to eat some sugary, gluten-filled delicacies!

The Hubs & I like to say "80/20" - we will follow our organic, GF, toxin-free standards 80% of the time, & there is plenty of grace for that other 20%! We make exceptions in our natural lifestyle for people, because we value them highly, & sometimes we make exceptions for ourselves (because like I mentioned, CAKE).

Walking in freedom & grace with you,


  1. SUCH a great post and I couldn't agree more! Thanks for sharing this, I hadn't even thought of this! Happy day!

  2. TRUTH! I might need to post a disclaimer on my blog too. I don't want to scare anyone off or hurt friendships. :)