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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Ancient Art of Oil Pulling

Courtney just wrote on the greatness that is coconut oil. We are lovers and believers in all the incredible benefits that coconut oil provides. Including oil pulling. Well, at least I do! Courtney has an issue getting past the gag factor.

What is Oil Pulling?

It is an ancient Ayurvedic method for oral health and detoxification. It is believed to pull out harmful bacteria and improve gum health. And a big bonus is that it naturally whitens teeth.  Ayurvedic literature states oil pulling is capable of improving oral and systemic health, including possibly improving headaches, migraines, diabetes, asthma, and acne. It can strengthen gums, teeth and the jaw. It can also help prevent gum disease, cavities and bad breath.

How is it done?

It's simple! Take a tablespoon of oil and swish it around for 5-20 minutes.

Now, 20 minutes can seem like forever. I started slow then worked up my time. If you are having a hard time feeling like your mouth is too full, cut back on the amount. My mouth is small, so I use about half a tablespoon.

Please use only a high quality oil. I use organic, cold pressed, unrefined coconut oil. Sesame oil is one of the most commonly used oils. I personally prefer the taste of coconut oil. And with coconut being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, I get that added bonus.

The best way to go about this is to do it every morning before eating. Take a drink of water to get saliva production started. Try to make the entire 20 minutes and no longer. Apparently, this is the ideal time. It is long enough to effectively remove toxins but not long enough to be reabsorbed back into the body.

**DO NOT SWALLOW THE OIL!!** The point is to pull out the toxins. By swallowing the oil, you simply put it right back into your body. Spit it out into the trash. Avoid the sink because it will clog it. Take my word for it. I recently had to unclog my sink...It was all thanks to coconut oil and bentonite clay. Oops.

Once I spit it out, I will rinse with warm water, swish that around and spit. Then I will brush my teeth. This will help to guarantee to remove any lingering toxins from my mouth.


  1. I have been so tempted to do this lately. Have you seen any results? I only have Trader Joes Coconut oil. Is that ok to use?

    1. I have! I personally love how it makes my teeth feel extra clean and I can tell they are getting a touch whiter. It's not a fast fix to whitening, but with consistent use, you will see results. Also, combined with my homemade toothpaste (also contains coconut oil), I am having less gum infections. I was prone to them since my pregnancy! It also helps lessen bad morning breath. :)

      I havent personally used Trader Joes. I use Carrington Farms brand because its a steal of a deal and high quality. I do believe TJs is organic and unrefined. If so, then go for it! But I will say, if you have access to a Costco, Carrington Farms is a big jug and SO cheap. For oil pulling, it will use a this saves money in the long run!