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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Read on Mainstream Health

This is a very interesting read - there is a lot of specific information in the article that is pretty eye-opening. Hopefully you know by now that around here, we don't hate doctors; we're not anti-medicine. But we do seek out doctors who are going encourage & educate health based on a lifestyle of eating well & taking care of your body, & not using medicine as a first resort cure-all. We have to be wise in every area of our lives, & never do things blindly.

(That being said, if you know of a doctor like this in San Antonio, please let us know! Ours made some insurance changes & we need a new one. It's really hard to interview doctors with two little ones!)

Now I'm off to make some broth. We'll have homemade chicken & rice soup this weekend, yum!

6 Reasons Why I Don't Trust the Mainstream Health Authorities

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