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Monday, February 24, 2014

Menstrual Cups

Yes, I am about to talk about a slightly awkward topic. Luckily I don't mind awkward things. So, if you DO mind... or if you are a MALE.......

*****YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!*****

Ok, now on to menstrual cups!

Two weeks ago I felt lil miss PMS was heading my way. I was able to actually knock out the symptoms of PMS with some intense home remedies. I will expound on that topic soon! Anyways, I began my period and of course I was out of tampons. So, I decided it was time.. for a Diva Cup.

Top Right: Fold option 1. Bottom left: Fold option 2, fold a side into the center (what I use).

There was no real reason for getting the Diva Cup compared to another brands other than the fact that they sell them at Whole Foods. Click here for a great comparison of brands. I didn't feel like ordering one and having to wait for the next cycle. So, don't be like me and wait. Even though I am very happy with my purchase! 

I've always known tampons were dangerous and full of chemicals. It was more the "ick factor" that kept me away from a cup. But OH MY GOSH! I am sold and I kick "past me" for waiting so long! This has officially changed my periods.

My period got funky and angry after I had Bethany. It got intense, heavy, and very painful! My cramps would actually make me double over in pain; they felt like the contractions I had at 5 centimeters. Ugh! But after using the cup, for the very first time, I had really mild cramps! That alone has me sold, but there are plenty of other benefits.

Tampons are toxic to us and the environment. Our body absorbs the chemicals, and fibers can be left behind to cause bladder or vaginal infections. There is also a threat of Toxic Shock Syndrome. The tampon absorbs the good fluid and healthy bacteria that the vagina creates to clean itself. Also, it caused me to have terrible cramps! I even would try to use pads (gross) just to avoid the pain. 

The cup is easy to use once you get the hang of it. Get the right size for you. I got a size 2. Size 1 is for pre-baby. I learned a fold I liked (the push down) and felt comfortable. After a few horrifying Lady Macbeth moments, I was able to get it properly suctioned and no more leaks. After that... it was like I wasn't even on my period. Big bonus: You only have to remove it twice a day! During my learning curve I removed it maybe 5 times to re-position. 

Yes, there is an "ick" factor. But it doesn't take long to get over it. AND IT IS SO WORTH IT!

And it's only $30. Did I mention they last for a very long time? I've heard of women who have had the same one for 5 years and going strong. Money saved! If you buy 8 boxes of tampons per year, you are spending $56. So even if you replace yours every year, you still save in the end.

**Courtney uses the Lunette 2, so I asked her to tell me about her experience with it. Above you will see the comparison between the ones we use.

Courtney here. I can't believe I'm writing about this. Anyways. I did some research back in 2011 when I decided to make the crunchy jump to the cup, & ended up with the Lunette. That's the only one I've used so I can't compare to any other brand; this is the only experience I've had. I didn't have much of a chance to use it before I got pregnant with Jack, & I will say that the further removed I am from having a baby, the better the cup seems to work. I ended up buying both sizes because it confused me a bit, & stuck with the size 2. I will say I definitely prefer using it over tampons. The gross factor is there no matter what you use! So I got past that fast. I do experience some slippage as a result of not being able to figure out the whole "suction" thing. Perhaps a different brand would work better, or it's my personal biology? Who knows. I do wear liners just in case there is slight leakage; it's never more than slight. Once I get past the first day, I can get away with emptying it in the morning & the evening, & that's it! So nice to not think about it at all. I will say that after using this & starting to use Young Living's Progessence Plus, I experience minimal cramping & a less severe cycle. Wahoo!

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