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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Confession (& a quick note)

I knew The Hubs was going to be out late last night at a work dinner (at a nice steakhouse, of course) so I decided instead of eating leftovers for the fourth night in a row, I'd do something out of the ordinary. So I got barbeque from Whole Foods - lots of meat. Mmmm. We really don't eat a lot of meat around here anymore, so it hit the spot. 

Here's the confession part. Where you remember I'm a real person that doesn't always do what I know I should do.

I was lured over to the dessert section at Whole Foods. I will say I showed a lot of restraint not buying their tub container of tiramisu & eating the entire thing myself. But I did buy this single portion sticky toffee pudding cake that you warm up in the microwave (ugh I know) & then you dump it on a plate & all of this warm, melty toffee sauce pours on top....

I felt miserable. Before I even finished! Mis.Er.A.Ble.

But it was soooooo good!! 

I won't do it again.

I'm pretty sure.

P.S. You'll notice you're hearing from me a bit more than Kelsy these days. She is not only busy being a mom to my cute niece, but she is a very busy foster mom who has appointments sometimes every day of the week. It's hard for her to have a chance to write. Thanks for understanding!

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