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Friday, January 10, 2014

Meet Kelsy

My journey began as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my daughter in 2011. I had previously assumed that being healthy meant taking my vitamins (that I later found out were synthetic and not being absorbed by my body), eating my veggies, and using foods that claimed to be diet, light, or low fat. 

My search began when I started considering my options for giving birth. I had never wanted to do a natural birth. Ever. Because who in their right mind would choose pain? Horrible pain. It seemed insane. Slowly, with my sister's encouragement to research my options, I began to see that for me personally, planning for a natural birth was ideal (I will go more into this decision later... especially because I know plans can go to waste, but it is worth trying if your body can do it!). Once this choice was set in my mind, I began researching more and more about the choices I was making for myself. Now that I was carrying a life inside me, I wanted to make the best possible decisions for her and myself. And not to sound cliché, but knowledge is power! The more I have learned, the more my life has changed for the better.

Over 3 years later, it is still a learning process for me. I am far from perfect (I. Love. Sugar). But I have gained knowledge and a new conviction for how to care for my body and those in my family. The Lord is clear in His word that we are to care for our body but for a long time it seemed the easiest part of scripture for me to ignore. Especially when being healthy has become difficult and muddy in this lifetime thanks to the experts who keep changing their minds. We are constantly hearing, “This is healthy!,” then a few years later science finds out it causes cancer, ADHD, diabetes, or just makes you fat.

So my constant question is, “What is the best option for my family?”  I am looking at every detail: food, medicine, cleaning products, everyday chemicals, and more. And all I can hope of you is that you do the research as well. Read labels. Know what you are putting into your body or exposing your family to. Then with that research you can make the best choices for you and your family as well!

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