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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Meet Courtney

My family’s “going natural” journey started 4.5 years ago. We had talked about possibly trying to get pregnant soon, & even though I wasn’t ready yet, my mind began to think about preparing for pregnancy. I decided I didn’t want to be on birth control anymore (I’m sure we’ll do a post about that one day), & started thinking about chemicals I was putting in & on my body. The second thing I did, after getting off the pill, was stop using antiperspirant. Those were two big steps I remember taking, but after that, it was a slow progression of starting to cut out processed food, buying organic, & changing to more natural body & cleaning products. Over the past few years, we have continued taking small steps to become healthier.

I still feel like we have a long way to go. My kids don’t eat the way I wish they would. I don’t always eat the way I wish I would! I still do plenty of things out of convenience instead of doing what I really know is best. But that’s why we consider this a process – it takes time to truly change the way you think & have done things for years. And we want to be fully committed, not make crazy changes all at once that frustrate us enough to call it quits altogether. Baby steps, y’all.

So, you’ll see areas where I have really embraced natural living, & I’ll fess up to areas where I just – haven’t! We’ll keep it real around here. Hopefully you will see that “going granola” isn’t overwhelming if you take it bit by bit. Also, I hope you never feel guilty or shamed here. Don’t we (especially moms) feel guilty enough about too many other things already? (We shouldn’t!) Kelsy & I love Jesus & the way we live our lives comes from that foundation. If that’s the case for you too, pray about how you can be the best steward & manager of your home. Be obedient to HIM – not to an idea that someone else presents to you.

I’m excited about going on this journey with you! 

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