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Monday, January 27, 2014

Body Products - How Do You Know?

Have you ever wondered if the body products you use are safe? It can be really overwhelming to look at the ingredient list & get overwhelmed by all the really long words included. If you are joining us on this journey to become more natural, then I'd encourage you to start doing some research on ingredients to avoid so you have some idea what you're looking for.

But in the meantime - there is a great resource available to you that will tell you exactly how safe your body products are. (Are you ready for that?) Check out EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database. It will rank each body product from 0-10, 0 being the safest, 10 meaning DROP IT AND RUN. It even color codes - green is good! Red is bad. You get the idea. If you need a recommendation on a certain product, say baby shampoo, you can look under the tabs up top & it will pull up results in order from best to worst.

Now, if you look up every product you use on a daily basis & realize they're all not so great, don't overreact. Start slow. If I were you, I'd finish up that shampoo bottle, & give yourself time to find a good alternative. (I will say though, when it comes to my babies, I'd just toss what was left - can't be too safe.) It takes time to switch out the products you use for less toxic options. I have spent years going through more natural shampoos before landing on something that I think I'll stick with (which I'll share with you soon). Remember, not everything you find at the health food store is actually a good, nontoxic option, so look those up on EWG too.

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